How do I apply?

In the application section of the ABC website, you need to submit a CV for each participant. If your application is validated, an email will be sent to you and access to the competition section will be granted.

When can I apply?

Applications for the 2024 edition are closed!

Who can apply?

The competition welcomes all students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


What is the Accuracy Business Cup?

The Accuracy Business Cup, or ABC, is an international student competition giving you the opportunity to work on financial and strategic business cases. During the competition, you will work under the supervision of Accuracy consultants and present your recommendations to the leaders of a major listed company.

How does it work?

In order to join the competition, you need to form a group of three candidates. The first stage of the competition will take place in two rounds in the country in which you applied. Winners of each national stage will go up against each other during the international final, held in front of a prestigious jury.

In what language will the competition be held?

As the competition will gather students from all around the world, English will be the official language of the competition.

Which countries are participating?

For the 2024 edition: France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, India and Morocco participated!

Are there many participants?

Last year we had 410 participating teams (1230 students) in 9 hosting countries!

How long will the competition last?

The national phase will last approximately 1 week in February and the best teams will be invited back for the international phase (a few days in March).


What costs will I have to incur?

You will not have to incur any costs. For the international final, Accuracy will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the teams.

Is it possible to take part in the competition and attend university at the same time?

It is definitely possible to do both! Taking part in the event is a great opportunity to apply your academic knowledge to a real business case in a competitive but fun environment, and more importantly to get a real peek of what consultancy at Accuracy looks like.

How do I prepare for the competition?

All you need is knowledge of financial analysis and a sound business mind.


Could my participation help a potential recruitment process at Accuracy or at the partner company?

Some students from previous editions started the recruitment process at Accuracy following the Accuracy Business Cup. Others have been proposed internships at the partner company.

Does a rejection for the Accuracy Business Cup mean that I won’t have a job/internship interview at Accuracy?

We encourage you to apply to Accuracy regardless of the competition and its outcome.


Do I get a prize?

Yes! National finalists and winners will get a prize, as well as the international winners.