How does it work?

The Accuracy Business Cup

The 2024 edition of the Accuracy Business Cup took place at the beginning of 2024 and the final was in March 2024. We saw nine teams compete against each other and the competition resulted with one team taking the first place.

What was the timeline of the 2024 edition of the Accuracy Business Cup ?

Groups of three candidates first compete in a national phase in the country in which they applied. This phase is organised by the local Accuracy teams. As indicated below, the dates of the national phase of the competition depend on the country of application.

CountryApplication deadlineRound 1Round 2National finalInternational final
Canada24/01/202426/01/2024 02/02/202407/02/202422/03/2024
Germany31/01/2024 02/02/202413/02/202422/02/202422/03/2024
Italy31/01/2024 07/02/202415/02/202429/02/202422/03/2024
Spain31/01/2024 02/02/202413/02/202422/02/202422/03/2024
The Netherlands31/01/2024 01/02/202408/02/202415/02/2024 22/03/2024
UK31/01/2024 07/02/202419/02/202429/02/202422/03/2024