The Accuracy Business Cup

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Accuracy Business Cup 2021

What is the Accuracy Business Cup?

The Accuracy Business Cup is an international student competition giving you the opportunity to work on real-life business cases. During the competition, you will work under the supervision of Accuracy consultants and present your recommendations to the leaders of a major listed company.

How does the Accuracy Business Cup work?

The first stage of the competition will take place in two rounds in the country in which you applied. The winning team of each participating country will then defend its position during the second stage which is a global final in front of a prestigious jury.

Who can participate?

We are looking for groups of three highly motivated students with strong academic backgrounds who are willing to challenge themselves in a stimulating environment. Taking part in this event will allow you to experience what it looks like to be a consultant at Accuracy!

Previous finalists and coaches

  • Agathe - 2019 finalist
    Agathe - 2019 finalist
    This international challenge was a great sharing experience and gave us the opportunity to meet some top teams from around the world throug fun and friendly events.
  • Aude - 2019 finalist
    Aude - 2019 finalist
    The Accuracy Business Cup was a thrilling experience and way more than just an academic challenge. We loved the team effort and the intellectual stimulation required to deliver the best answers at each step of the process.
  • Camille - 2019 finalist
    Camille - 2019 finalist
    Without a doubt, we would recommend the ABC – it was a stimulating experience that gave us great exposure to the professional world, where our proposals were directly challenged by "the client" (LVMH). It was quite incredible to get access to professionals of this level (CFO and Partners).
  • Mariona - 2019 finalist
    Mariona - 2019 finalist
    The key takeaway from the experience was the opportunity to learn and work alongside experienced professionals, getting to know the Accuracian culture more in depth [...]. To put it in a few words, the Accuracy Business Cup set a milestone in my personal and professional career. To understand it, you have to live it!
  • Lorenzo - 2019 finalist
    Lorenzo - 2019 finalist
    The event was wonderfully coordinated and it was unbelievable how attentive and supportive the Accuracians were. [...] It was an incredible experience. The cases were very interesting and challenging, and I realised how much you can learn in such a short period of time.
  • Matteo - 2019 coach
    Matteo - 2019 coach
    I was the coach for the Italian team and I supported them during the final phase in Paris. It was an enriching experience both for me and for the team: a great event where the teams had the chance to improve their technical skills, perform an oral presentation in front of the client [...].
  • Raphaël - 2018 finalist
    Raphaël - 2018 finalist
    The ABC was a great experience: it was a unique opportunity to apply academic knowledge to a real business case and to get to know the life of a consultant at Accuracy. Taking part in the competition definitely confirmed my wish to be part of Accuracy!

Universities/Schools of previous teams